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Latest EPD registrations

These are the 25 latest EPD®s registered or updated in the International EPD® System. Click on the images for further information.

  • Updated
    Granarolo High quality pasteurized milk
  • Updated
    Granarolo Mozzarella made from high quality fresh milk
  • Updated
    Granarolo Alta Qualità flavored yogurt
  • Updated
    Granarolo Alta Qualità white yogurt
  • Updated
    Accadì lactose-free whole milk
  • Updated
    Accadì lactose-free semi-skimmed milk
  • Updated
    Accadì lactose-free skimmed milk
  • Updated
    Granarolo Lactose-free UHT cream
  • synergy elevator
  • momentum elevator
  • evolution elevator
  • Mooring offshore D type shackles from R3R3S, R4, and R4SR5 quality steel
  • Mooring H offshore shackle from R3R3S, R4 and R4SR5 quality steel
  • Attends Pull-Ons
  • Mapetherm AR1, Mapetherm AR1 GG, Mapetherm AR1 Light
  • Expancrete, Mapecrete SRA-N, Mapecure SRA-25
  • Multilayer panels of poplar plywood
  • Mengozzi Collection and incineration of hazardous waste
  • Aggregates from the mobile crushing plant in Bjurholm
  • Aggregates from the stationary crushing plant Ramnaslätt
  • i.idro Drain
  • NORMA Bed-Type Milling Machines Range