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Analyzing hygiene pads

Analyzing hygiene pads

Serenity, an Italian producer of hygiene products such as pads, decided to step up from LCA to registered EPDs. This included analyzing life cycle aspects of more than half of its products in one go.

So far, six groups of products have been registered with the International EPD System.

The attention to environmental aspects is growing so we decided to start working on these issues and then to improve the study with EPDs from the International EPD System, says Paola Montepara, a R&D Manager Serenity at Ontex, the owner company of Serenity.

To Serenity it was important to put down the complexity of its processes clearly on a piece of paper. However, none of the findings were surprising as such. The company’s main environmental impact comes from the use of water, electricity and chemicals.

At the beginning our focus was LCA study, as we didn’t know about EPD. When we went through the EPD meaning and we understood its importance and potential, we decided to improve the study with EPD, says Paola Montepara.

At the moment there is one other hygiene product company with registered EPDs, Natracare.

It would be good to have specific references to benchmark against but our products are not comparable as Natracare is focused on hygiene products for women, says Paola Montepara.

Serenity plans to use its EPDs as a baseline for further improvements. The EPDs cover a product range, which may include as many as eight products.

Our aim is to implement an eco-design tool that will allow for environmental profile simulation related to different materials/process option, says Paola Montepara.

While some companies use EPD as a way of marketing their products business to customer, Serenity has chosen to use EPDs specifically in business-to-business activities, mainly in tender documentation.

Knowing we were going to expand our EPDs to a whole range of products we’ve postponed the massive communication effort until we are able to declare almost all of our products, says Paola Montepara.

All EPDs from Serenity can be found here.

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