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EPD as part of a sustainable strategy

EPD as part of a sustainable strategy

Acciona proves its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first construction company worldwide to register an EPD for civil infrastructures.

Acciona is a front-runner in infrastructures, energy, water and services oriented towards sustainable development and social wellbeing.

“The main reason for registering an EPD was to declare the environmental impacts of our infrastructure works, in the most transparent and reliable way. It enables us to identify the hot spots or points to be improved in order to achieve a better environmental performance of our company”, says Rocío Fernández Flores, a Sustainability Engineer and LCA Expert at Acciona. 

Acciona decided to obtain an EPD as it seemed to be a useful path to communicate the environmental performance of civil infrastructures and processes in a quantitative way. The company is listed on the Madrid stock exchange’s IBEX 35 Index and is a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DSJI World), Dow Jones Stoxx Sustainability Index (DJSSI), in which Acciona obtained the highest score in its sector.

Acciona’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has been consolidated over the years with more investments, projects, programs and human resources, reaffirming the Company’s intention to continue to lead the field when it comes to sustainable solutions.

“Acciona bets on EPDs as a fundamental part of our strategy to continue leading the construction sector. We consider EPDs as useful tools for quantifying the environmental aspects of sustainability. We consider EPD as an essential contribution towards gaining benefits in tendering processes as well as in green public procurement”, says Ignacio Calvo Herrera, Technology and Innovation Director at Acciona.

In 2013, Acciona Infrastructure obtained an EPD of a Spanish railway bridge located in a stretch of Madrid-Galicia high-speed line as well as an EPD of the Spanish N-340 Road, a stretch of sector 340, in Elche in Alicante.

The aim of Acciona’s strategy to register EPDs with the International EPD system is to provide quantitative, transparent, verified and comparable information regarding the environmental impacts caused during the entire life cycle of its products.

In addition, EPDs give information along the supply chain, including not only to the manufacturers but also to end consumers.

For further information you can download both EPDs for free in the following links:

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