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SCAM Organo-mineral fertilizers

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Product information

The object of this EPD are the organo-mineral fertilizers produced by SCAM S.p.A. The EPD covers 37 products including 20 fertlizers formulations (year of the data:2015).

The functional unit is the production and use of 1000 kg of packaged fertilizer. 

The EPD is currently available in Italian with a summary in English.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00120
Registration date: 2007-06-13
Version date: 2017-01-11
Valid until: 2020-01-30
Verified by: Certiquality Srl
Reference PCR(s): Mineral or chemical fertilizers
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Company name: SCAM S.p.A.
Country: Italy
Contact: Federico Tonelli
Telephone: +39-059586511
Website: www.scam.it
Management systems: ISO 14001 ISO 9001