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24, 2012

BYK-Chemie issues three EPDs


German based BYK-Chemie (division within the Altana Group) has issued three new EPDs for chemical additives, used as viscosity reducers for PVC plastisols.


20, 2012

Search for deregistered EPDs

Are you wondering if a specific EPD-certificate still is valid? Deregistered EPDs are now listed on the website, use the advanced EPD search to search among deregistered EPDs.

List of deregistered EPDs


10, 2012

PCRs on open consultations

At the moment five PCRs are out on open consultation. One of the most important elements of the International EPD®system is to secure an open and transparent procedure for interested parties to take part in and give comments on draft proposals for PCRs for different product categories.

Please contact the secretariat or the PCR moderator for more information on the draft PCRs.

Below are the links to the draft PCRs:


6, 2012

Five new EPDs from Barilla

Petit Pavesi

Barilla has published five more EPDs for different bakery products.


13, 2012

Three new EPDs from Arper


The Italian furniture manufacturer Arper has published three new EPDs for the chair "Team". The EPDs cover three different versions of the chair:  sled steel base and four legs ovale and round steel base.


13, 2012

Open Consultation - PCR for copper: ores, concentrates and cathodes

The open consulaltation for two new PCRs on Copper, ores and concentrates and Copper cathodes and  has started. The consultation will last until Spetember 10 2012. Please leave your comments on the PCR forum or directly to the PCR Moderator.


13, 2012

Open Consultation Yarn and Thread

The open consulaltation for a new PCR on Textile Yarn and thread has started. The consultation will last until August 29 2012. Please leave your comments on the PCR forum or directly to the PCR Moderator.


11, 2012

This weeks updated EPDs

The following EPDs have been updated the last week:


11, 2012

New EPD from Barilla


Barilla has published a new EPD for the buscuit Girotondi. This is the 16th EPD published by Barilla in the International EPD System. For a complete list of EPDs from Barilla click here.

Read the EPD.

Read more about Barillas work with EPDs.




10, 2012

New EPD on Dinamica by Miko

Dinamica by Miko

The Italian company Miko have published an EPD on the product Dinamica. Dinamica is a recycled microfiber used for internal covering in the automotive sector.


10, 2012

Sulzer issues six EPDs


Sulzer has issued new EPDs for six different process pumps. The pumps are used in different industrial applications like oil production, refineries and pipelines.


14, 2012

Introducing the International EPD® System

EPD Folder

A new folder, describing the basics of the International EPD® System is now available for download.


12, 2012

PCRs on open consultation

Today starts the open consultation for four PCRs. Everybody is welcome to contribute with comments on the PCRs. The comments can be submitted on the PCR Forum or sent directly to the PCR moderator. Links to the PCRs can be found below.


1, 2012

New EPD for window films

Solar Gard Window film

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard LLC has issued another EPD for Solar Gard® architectural solar control window films. This EPD adds 14 different window films to the 31 films that was included in their EPD from 2010.


29, 2012

EPDs from 16 countries in the International EPDSystem

Celsa Steel Services OY in Finland have published the first Finnish environmental declaration in the International EPD® System. Now companies from 16 countries have used the International EPD® System as programme operator for their environmental declarations.