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by: Katarina Lorentzon (Katarina Lorentzon) 26 September 2011, 2:45:30 PM (GMT +1)

Dear PCR Moderator,
In the enclosed document, you will find comments from SIK.
Jennifer Davis
Katarina Lorentzon
SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology

Re: Vegetables

by: Francesco Filocamo (frafiloc) 11 December 2011, 4:26:46 PM (GMT +1)

Dear PCR moderator I think that in the paragraph 7.1.3 (Emissions from fertilizers), the organic fertilizers should be considered in general terms (e.g. the burial of crop residues, manure, vegetable, etc.) and should be considered also the emissions which are originate during land preparation for their burial; the quantities should be expressed in tons per hectars and not as kg/m3.  preparation and the possible emission originating from the buring operations

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