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Network of PCRs

Network of PCRs for food

Network of PCRs for food

PCRs are classified according to UN CPC codes. As the number of CPC codes (and thus the potential number of PCRs) is very large, it has been identified as additional work is needed to align different PCRs with similar upstream system. The International EPD System is therefore testing a pilot for PCRs for food.

Download "Introducing the Network of food for PCRs":

The first step is to analyse all the CPC codes and find the situations in which an aggregation in terms of similar approaches for the life cycle assessment is possible. For example maize, wheat and rye are different products with different features but the cultivation process is quite similar since in all these cases they are arable crops. A life cycle assessment of these crops should be performed using a similar approach with similar hypotheses and calculation rules (such as the allocation). Following this, the idea is to prepare the PCRs for “arable crops” that includes all the crops that are cultivated using the same process in order to have many CPC codes in the same PCR document.

The second step is to find situations in which different PCRs could be linked in a holistic framework. Coming back to the example of wheat in beer and pasta production, the requirements related to the wheat cultivation are not included in the specific PCRs but are explained in the PCR for arable crops. Both the PCR for pasta and beer should refer to the PCR for arable crops for the upstream phase where the raw materials are cultivated.

This work is now piloted in the area of PCRs for food products. When a new PCR is promoted or an update is needed, it enters the network and its content is aligned with the other available PCR documents.

For further information or entering the network, please refer to:

  • Filippo Sessa; Life Cycle Engineering; sessa@studiolce.it  who acts as PCR coordinator for food PCRs during the pilot phase;
  • Kristian Jelse; PCR Project Manager at the Secretariat of The International EPD® System Kristian@environdec.com;
  • Massimo Marino; Chair of the Technical Committee, The International EPD® System massimo@environdec.com;