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International Advisory Board


To nominate any new members to the IAB, please contact the Secretariat.

The International Advisory Board (IAB) shall consist of experts from different industry sectors and countries, and shall assist the Secretariat in the overall management of the International EPD® System in order:

  • to follow the market acceptance and uptake of the programme and suggest activities/events aimed at promoting the establishment and applicability of the programme,
  • to consider new potential audience and applications of EPDs, and
  • to provide input to the work of preparing the General Programme Instructions as well as in activities to revise and update the programme.

The programme operator via the Secretariat appoints and manages membership in the IAB based on:

  • the assessed need to have a representative participation from different industry sectors and countries,
  • nominations to the IAB by companies with registered EPDs in the International EPD® System,
  • nominations to the IAB by member organisations of the stakeholder network of the International EPD® System.

Members are appointed for a period of three years, but can be re-nominated for subsequent periods of time if both parties so wish.

List of members:

  • Gorka Benito Alonso, IK Ingeniera
  • Elena Antuña-Bernardo, Saint-Gobain
  • Christian Capello, Axpo
  • Murray Cook, EGGA
  • Mirella Di Stefano, Granarolo
  • Maurizio Fieschi, Studio Fieschi & soci
  • Kristof Peerens, 3M
  • Ellen Riise, Essity
  • Filippo Sessa (Technical Committee chair)
  • Gabriela Silberman, Tenaris