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Please contact the Secretariat with any questions about EPD, PCR or the International EPD® System.

The programme operator has a Secretariat for the overall management of the International EPD® System in order:

  • to prepare and communicate the General Programme Instructions,
  • to ensure that the General Programme Instructions are followed,
  • to monitor changes in procedures and documents and modify the programme and the General Programme Instructions if necessary,
  • to ensure appropriate consultations for maintaining credibility of the programme,
  • to facilitate participation and involvement of interested parties,
  • to ensure a credible procedure to safeguard the consistency of data handling,
  • to guide and oversee the development of the Product Category Rules (PCR) documents,
  • to establish a transparent procedure for the definition of product categories,
  • to establish an accepted open consultation procedure for the programme structure and the PCRs,
  • to facilitate harmonisation when developing PCRs,
  • to prepare guidelines, checklist and other tools for the PCR development,
  • to ensure the consistency of transparent verification procedures for PCR review, verification of LCA and verification of EPDs,
  • to define additional tasks for the PCR review procedure and for the external individual verifiers (if found necessary),
  • to guide an organisation in the selection procedure of competent independent verifiers (if requested),
  • to decide upon the necessity to use third-party verifications (specifically in the case of “business-to-consumer communication),
  • to decide whether to accept an EPD for publication based on the verification report and other documentation,
  • to manage the website of the programme (www.environdec.com),
  • to make publicly available lists and records of PCRs and EPDs within the programme,
  • to publish all PCRs and EPDs registered in the programme,
  • to issue a newsletter on a regular basis and keep a list of subscribers to the newsletter,
  • to make publicly available explanatory materials,
  • to manage membership in the Technical Committee,
  • to manage membership in the International Advisory Board,
  • to handle complaints or feedback on published EPDs or other documents, and
  • to establish procedures to avoid misuse of the programme and information in the EPDs.

The Secretariat is staffed by the programme operator. Through agreements, the programme operator may delegate parts of the tasks of the Secretariat in specified regional or national markets to local organisations.