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Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) shall consist of a group of at least five LCA/EPD experts to assist the Secretariat in order:

  • to act as the PCR review panel for considering and approving PCR proposals according to the requirements on PCRs in the General Programme Instructions,
  • to suggest measures for further development of technical and LCA-oriented issues within the framework of the programme,
  • to support the Secretariat in technical issues,
  • to consider applications and appoint LCA/PCR experts to act as external verifiers and suggest measures for the surveillance of their competences, and
  • to perform sample checks that verifications done by individual verifiers are carried out according to the requirements in the General Programme instructions.

The TC shall be constituted in such a manner that their expertise covers as many product categories as possible, If there is need for additional expertise, for example when reviewing a specific PCR, independent experts may be consulted.

The TC has a chair, which is also a member of the International Advisory Board. The TC shall operate according to routines specified in more detail in a separate procedure.

The current members of the Technical Committee act in seven different countries and on four different continents:

  • Filippo Sessa (Chair), Professional Consultant, Quantis, Italy
    Field of expertise
    : Food & agricultural products
  • Adriana Del Borghi, Research Engineer, University of Genova, Italy.
    Field of expertise
    : Basic ores & minerals, Electricity, Food & agricultural products, Glass & plastic products, Transport vehicles & equipment, Services, Construction products
  • Paola Borla, Professional Consultant, Life Cycle Engineering, Italy.
    Field of expertise
    : Construction products, Food & agricultural products, Fuels & chemical products, Glass & plastic products,Wood & paper products 
  • Maurizio Fieschi, Professional Consultant, Studio Fieschi, Italy
    Field of expertise
    : Food & agricultural products, Textiles & leather products, Furniture & other goods, Wood & paper products, Glass & plastic products, Machinery & equipment, Transport vehicles & equipment, Services, Construction products
  • Hüdai Kara, Managing Director, Metsims Sustainability Consulting, Turkey and the UK
    Field of expertise: Textiles & leather products, Metal products, Construction products
  • Lars-Gunnar Lindfors, Senior Advisor, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd., Sweden
    Field of expertise: Electricity, Furniture & other goods, Wood & paper products, Fuels & chemical products, Metal products, Machinery & equipment, Construction products
  • Barbara Nebel, President of Life Cycle Association New Zealand, Managing Director of thinkstep Australia and New Zealand
    Field of expertise: Food & agricultural products, Construction products, Constructions & infrastructure, Furniture & other goods, Textile & leather products, Wood & paper products (non-construction), Services
  • Andrew Norton, Director, Renuables, United Kingdom 
    Field of expertise: Food & Agricultural products, Construction products, Constructions & infrastructure, Furniture & other goods, Glass & plastic products, Wood & paper products
  • Claudia A. Peña, Chair, Chilean Network of LCA; Researcher, University of Concepción, Chile
    Field of expertise: Basic ores & minerals, Metal products, Construction products

Questions to the Technical Committee may be sent throgh the Secretariat at pcr@environdec.com.