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Pre-certified EPD

Examples of pre-certified EPDs

Pre-certified EPD

List of Pre-certified EPDs

A list of all published Pre-certified EPDs is available here.

The International EPD® System includes the possibility for pre-certification of EPDs as an initial step to publishing environmental information of a product during the development of a PCR for a new product category. Pre-certification is not applicable in the case of an existing but expired PCR for a certain product category. Pre-certification is a general concept for the International EPD® System being valid for single-issue EPDs (such as Climate Declarations), Sector EPDs and EPDs.

A practical example of an EPD® in the form of a pre-certification may facilitate the PCR development process in the discussions between parties involved in the work. Besides, the pre-certification gives an organisation the possibility to early inform the market about the environmental performance of their products. As pre-certified EPDs are not based on a valid PCR and comparability cannot be ensured, it is not recommended that multiple companies produce pre-certified EPDs for the same product category.

For pre-certification the following specific requirements shall apply:

  • the underlying LCA-data shall be collected and calculated in accordance with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 and meeting the requirements set out in the General Programme Instructions, Annex A. Deviations from the general requirements shall be justified and stated in the pre-certified EPD;
  • the EPD format and contents shall comply with the requirements laid down in the General Programme Instructions;
  • examination and review of the results from the LCA study and the declaration shall be carried out by a recognized individual verifier or accredited certification body;
  • relevant parties, e.g. trade associations and interest organisations, shall be informed about the pre-certification, if found appropriate.

It is likely that data gaps exist in the underlying background information to EPDs subject to pre-certification. Lower demands on the accuracy of the input data in the supply chain are accepted, provided that the data gaps are insignificant related to the organisations activities that they have management control over. Existence of such data gaps shall be reported in the pre-certified EPD in the form of a qualitative assessment of the type of environmental impact that might occur from the activity lacking data.

Pre-certified EPDs are valid for a specific period of time in most cases equivalent to the time needed to develop the PCR; in any case this period must not exceed one year. A precertification cannot be renewed.