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Sector EPD

List of Sector EPDs

A list of all published Sector EPDs is available here.

The International EPD® System allows for the possibility to adapt the information given to industry needs and market applications by introducing the concept of “Sector EPDs”. A “Sector EPD” declares the average product of many companies in a clearly-defined sector and/or geographical area.

In the context of EN 15804, a Sector EPD is sometimes referred to as an “Average EPD”. Elsewhere, they could be referred to as "Industry-wide EPD" or "generic EPD". Please contact the Secretariat, or the organisation demanding the documentation for any question about the terminology.

Recent years have seen an increasing interest in describing the average performance of extended industrial systems belonging to the same sector in terms of the consumption of energy, raw materials, wastes and the emissions to the environment (including liquid and gaseous). In this context, an extended industrial system is one which starts with raw materials in the earth and traces all industrial, transport and consumer operations until final disposal of the product at the end of its useful life and is often referred to as cradle-to-grave.

Many trade associations have initiated projects to examine their practices and provide this information for wider dissemination. The meaning of a Sector EPD can therefore be recognized by the need of publishing data about the environmental burden of an average product/process by a direct involvement of a suitable sample of sites/plants.

For Sector EPDs, the product-related information shall include a statement that the document covers average values for an entire or partial product category and should include a list of the contributing manufacturers.