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Innovating the oldest EPD System in the World.

We want to make EPD services and their use as accessible and affordable as possible

The International EPD System is the world’s first and leading global EPD programme operating in accordance with the ISO 14025, TS/14027, 14040, a.o. standards. For the building and construction sector, our manufacturers' EPDs also comply with the ISO 21930 and EN 15804 standards.

Any organisation, no matter its size, location and industry has the right to publish EPDs in an as sensible, simple and affordable way.

The market is craving for product specific and product variation specific LCA data (EPDs) instead of generic LCA data. As EPD International we want to be the facilitator of the development towards increased availability of product and service specific environmental performance information at large scale and provide these in a format that is attractive to the market.

EPDs as a pool of third-party verified LCA information that can be used in various applications and scenarios have all the ingredients to fill this enormous data gap/lack and the new market need for digital data, but only when provided in a processable format.

And indeed, EPDs shall play a decisive role in the larger context of policymaking linked to e.g. the Green Deal and many other national and multi-national policies and legislation when you ask us.

Enjoying our global EPD Services already?

Rooted in the Nordics dealing with regional environmental challenges since 1998, we quickly realized that our Nordic problems are global challenges and needed to go global.

We are convinced that the EPD finds global acceptance and brings benefit to an environmentally aware, diverse audience working on today's and tomorrow's environmental, sustainable solutions.

As of today, we are extremely proud that our international EPD network of regional environmental declaration programmes that are fully aligned with our International EPD® System now spans (almost) the entire globe!

Present on all continents, except, one... any literate penguins interested in becoming a licensee to our EPD programme? In that case (and for other territories), please contact Sebastiaan Stiller at the EPD Secretariat.

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