Plain and melamine-faced medium density fibreboards (MDF)

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Medium density fibreboards (MDF) are products manufactured from lignocellulose fibres obtained from carefully selected wood, bonded together with synthetic resins under pressure at high temperatures. The result is a reliable product which is used as raw material for the furniture and construction industry.
Raw MDF boards and melamine faced MDF comply with standards EN 622-1, EN 622-5 and EN 14322. For a neat finishing, they can be easily coated with decorative papers, impregnated with melamine, using simple technologies.
These MDF boards are classified into different types according to the requirements under standard EN 622-5, both according to their use (structural or non structural), and according to the type of environment where they are used (dry and humid).
MDF boards are homogeneous and provide good results in the most demanding types of machine work. They are stable, as they keep their form and dimensions despite changes in humidity and temperature in the environment.
The multiple possibilities they offer in terms of framing, coating and finishing imply greater quality of the end product and provide greater rationalization in terms of work.
With the appropriate coating, they are the ideal support for manufacturing doors, frames, home and office furniture, screens, wall coverings, false ceilings and so on.
In smaller thicknesses, they are high-density boards, with good wrap behavior, and very easily stapled and curved. They have great homogeneity and dimensional stability.
They have become the strongest ally of various sectors: industrial electronics, backing for pieces of furniture, curved structures for furniture and for covering walls, complementary automotive industry, machine packaging, fruit boxes...
In greater thicknesses, they can be used for architectural applications such as columns, pillars, vaulted passageways, etc. Other possibilities include: shelves, bed heads, steps, benches, interior doors with moulded faces, table legs, etc. They are also used as basic material for wood veneering and PVC coatings.

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