LCA Consultants

LCA Consultants

Manufacturers who want to create EPDs may conduct the mandatory Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with support of in-house LCA-experts or benefit from the assistance of an external LCA Consultancy firm.

The following list is offered by EPD International AB as an Information Service without any warranties for manufacturers and consultancies to facilitate for the initial contact between manufacturer and external LCA consultancy firms.

Besides acting as an external LCA practitioner, LCA Consultancy firms may also be consulted and mandated for tasks such as participating in or leading the development of PCRs.

Below is a list of organisations that claim that they offer technical support for LCA/EPD and have requested to be listed on this page.

Please note! Consultancy firms not mentioned in this list as well as manufacturers' own in-house LCA experts may also conduct the LCA or PCR development.

List you as a LCA consultancy firm?



Want to be listed as an LCA consultancy firm?

The simplest way to get listed is by a) signing-up to the EPD Portal:

Go to EPD Portal

And b) sending an email to the EPD Secretariat with your request.

Contact EPD Secretariat

There is no fee to be listed on this page, but we would like to only list consultancy companies that actively take on tasks related to LCA and EPDs.

The email should include the following information:

  • Name of the company,
  • Country or countries in which you have offices,
  • Weblink to the home page of the company where you can provide a more detailed description of your services offered in the field of LCA and EPDs.

We recommend that this landing page contains relevant information in English such as:

  • Contact information,
  • A clear and correct description of what LCA and EPD is aimed at a non-expert,
  • Up-to-date information about the different services offered related to EPDs,
  • Geographical scope of your services,
  • Product groups/sectors in which you work,
  • Sample/reference projects, preferably related to the International EPD® System.