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Plastiglas de México S.A de C.V. is part of the Unigel Group, one of the most important petrochemical groups in Latin America. Plastiglas, specialized in acrylic cell cast sheet, has two plants in Mexico wide range of products for general purpose, sanitary grade, high impact grade and NSF grade, acrylic solid surface and recently Chemcast® Ecogreen®, 100% recycled and recyclable sheet. One of our main objectives is to minimize the environmental footprint of its products. We have clean industry certification and a quality management system based on the ISO-9001:2015 standard that moves them to continuous improvement and environmental performance in their operations and value chain.

Chemcast® Ecogreen® is the trademark for environmentally friendly cast acrylic.

It is an acrylic sheet produced 100% with recycled material from methyl methacrylate monomer (R-MMA). It has the characteristics of being 100% recycled and recyclable.

Chemcast® Ecogreen®'s mission is to harness and convert post and pre-consumer acrylic solid waste, create new high-performance acrylic sheets, add environmental value and new creative possibilities to our customers, create a sustainable future through its benefits and attributes.

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
August 31, 2022
Valid until:
August 30, 2027
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Plastiglas de México S.A de C.V

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Chemcast® Ecogreen®

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