High Performance Architectural Coated Glass

Product information

Magnetron Coated High Performance Architectural Glass

AGC Glass Europe and Obeikan Glass Company formed a strategic partnership serving increasing demand of high-performance coated glass for the construction sector in the Middle East and Africa market. Conglomerate join forces bring out outstanding products of solar control, low emissivity, high performance, and spectrally selective glass.

The state-of-the-art coater with 72 sputtering positions is designed, built, and operated by AGC INTERPHONE (Germany) - a worldwide market leader in the coating industry with numerous references and vast international experience. AGC Obeikan Glass coating facility is located in Yanbu Royal Commission industrial area on the west coast of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Detailed information

Registration number:
En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
July 13, 2021
Version date:
July 13, 2021
Valid until:
July 12, 2026
Geographical scopes:
Saudi Arabia
LCA practitioner:

Company information

Company Name:
Al Obeikan AGC for Glass LLC
Saudi Arabia

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Included products in this EPD

Sunlux BlueChroma, Sunlux BronzeChroma, Sunlux GreenChroma, Sunlux Dark BlueChroma, Sunlux Dark GreyChroma, Sunlux Dark GreenChroma, Sunlux Orion, Sunlux Orion on Bronze, Sunlux Orion on Green, Sunlux Orion on Grey, Sunlux Shadow 14, Sunlux Shadow 20, Sunlux Shadow 32, iPlus Solid on Clear, iPlus Solid on Green, iPlus Solid on Bronze, iPlus Solid on Grey, Energy Light, iPlus AS, Stopray Smart 18, Stopray Smart 30, Stopray Smart 30 on Bronze, Stopray Smart 30 on Green, Stopray Smart 30 on Grey, Stopray Smart 51, Stopray Smart 51 on Bronze, Stopray Smart 51 on Green, Stopray Smart 51 on Grey, Stopray BlueAce-30T, Stopray BronzeAce-30T, Stopray GreyAce-30T, Stopray Vision-36T, Stopray Vision-40T, Stopray Vision-51T, Stopray Vision-72T, Stopray Titanium-34T
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