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Our Egosan® anatomic shaped diapers are made in four sizes / absorption levels. They are suitable for medium, severe and very severe incontinence. They are particularly indicated for bedridden patients. Our devices ensures maximum protection in the cases of both urinary and fecal incontinence.

Egosan® is the worldwide well know Italian brand of continence-care pads, diapers and underwears. Egosan® means research of most effective raw materials and latest technologies, attentive listening of health care providers and dialogue with patients who suffer from incontinence: propensity in satisfying their well-being. The result is a device that always marries the anatomy of the body, due to key features, like its special shape, or the special materials, that in the specific Egosan® brand allows the skin to breathe through its ultra-lightweight and breathable non-woven fabrics. This feature ensures comfort thanks to the type and softness of materials and an efficient system of elastics: they adhere gently to the body and prevent the escape of liquids. Such devices are calibrated on each level of incontinence due to different levels of absorption. The use of superabsorbent polymers also allows an effective odor control and the high absorption speed moves moisture immediately away from the skin of the patient.
The care giver is cleverly alerted by an effective moisture indicator when it is time to replace the diaper.

Egosan®: 20 years of experience at service of mankind in respect of environment.

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June 23, 2014
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September 3, 2020
Valid until:
September 2, 2025
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Included products in this EPD

  • XSE11BD-30 Sagomato traspirante Natural Comfort c/b con dermoprotezione Plus 4x30
  • XSE11CD-30 Sagomato c/b con dermop. Plus 4x30
  • XSE21BD-30 Sagomato traspirante Natural Comfort c/b con dermoprotezione Extra 4x30
  • XSE21CD-15 Egosan SAGOMATO EXTRA 4X15
  • XSE21CD-30 Sagomato c/b con dermop. Extra 4x30
  • XSE31BD-30 Sagomato traspirante Natural Comfort c/b con dermoprotezione Super 3x30
  • XSE31CD-30 Sagomato c/b con dermop. Super 3x30
  • XSE41BD-30 Sagomato traspirante Natural Comfort c/b con dermoprotezione Maxi 3x30
  • XSE41CD-30 Sagomato egosan maxi b. 3x30 taglia/assorbimento maxi
  • XSE51BD-30 Sagomato egosan natural comfort ultra taglia/assorbimento ultra
  • XSE51CD-30 SAGOMATO EGOSAN ULTRA B.E. 3x30 Taglia/Assorbimento ultra
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