NCC Green Asphalt2 from Arlanda asphalt plant

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The asphalt types declared are ABb 22 50/70, ABS 16 70/100, ABT 11 160/220, AG 16 70/100, AG 22 70/100 and AG 32 70/100 which are to be used in the Häggvik project (client Swedish Transport Administration). The asphalt is produced with the NCC Green Asphalt2 method.

The NCC Green Asphalt2 declared in this EPD is produced at the Arlanda asphalt plant in Sweden by NCC Industry AB. The plant produces around 40 000 tons of Green Asphalt2 per year. The intended use of the asphalt declared is as paving material on roads and other paved surfaces.

NCC Green Asphalt2 is a part of NCC Green Concept where focus is kept on the quality with environmental objectives throughout the value chain. NCC Industry operates an additional 12 asphalt plants producing NCC Green Asphalt2 in Sweden.

NCC Green Asphalt2 is a process to produce asphalt with a smaller environmental impact. With the NCC Green Asphalt2 method, the energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases is lowered and a better working environment is created while not compromising the quality and keeping the characteristics and qualities of hot asphalt.

The NCC Green Asphalt2 process includes a lower production temperature, an increased amount of recycled asphalt and substituting light heating oil with renewable energy sources for heating. The production temperature starts at 120-140oC, compared to 160-180oC for conventional hot asphalt. At Arlanda, the renewable energy source is wood pellets. The share of recycled asphalt in the declared asphalt types varies between 10 and 30%.

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January 30, 2017
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January 26, 2022
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NCC Industry Nordic AB

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