Holiday availability

Ho ho ho - winter is coming! Here are the opening times of the Secretariat for the winter holiday of 2023 - 2024.

To obtain optimal EPD registration and publication services during the remaining of 2023, please make sure that EPDs for publication are submitted no later than Monday December 18, 2023, 12:00 hours (CET).

Correctly submitted EPDs within this deadline are guaranteed to be published and invoiced in 2023, after which we will “reset” the EPD publications counter to zero for the coming calendar year starting January 2024.

The Secretariat will close on Friday December 22nd at 12 CET until Tuesday the 2nd January.

Important note regarding Construction products

Please observe that the PCR for Construction products (PCR 2019:14) version 1.2.5 expires 2023-12-31. This means that an EPD based on version 1.2.5 must be approved by the verifier before 2023-12-31. The verification report of your EPD must be completed before 2023-12-31 and the EPD should be submitted to the Secretariat through the portal no later than the 31st of December.