New copy function in the EPD Portal is launched

Allowing organisations to handle editing and publication of up to 50 EPDs at the same time, EPD International would proudly like to present the new portal function: The copy function. Launching at 18:00/6 PM CET today.

The demand for EPDs is increasing globally and the market is requiring EPDs in larger quantities than ever before. The rising demand leads to increasing administrative work for EPD Owners, LCA consultants and verifiers, often involving tedious registration processes which can be both time consuming and complicated when handling larger numbers of EPDs.

To resolve the bottleneck, we are proudly presenting a new technical solution as part of our digitalization efforts. The copy function has been developed in the EPD portal as a solution to facilitate the process of registering several EPDs in the portal at once. Allowing EPD owners to copy an already published EPD into several new ones and editing them at the same time saves both time and effort. The verification as well as the publication is also handled in one screen, facilitating all parties in the process.

With great excitement we now welcome you to take a look at this useful new function for yourself. We hope you enjoy it and that it saves you all the time and effort that we are hoping. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This is just the beginning! We have a lot of exciting projects going on and are working on even more technical solutions to facilitate your EPD needs. If you are interested in learning more, keep an eye out for our newsflashes or feel free to reach out to us in the secretariat!